Beard Shaper

Beard Shaper

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  • Ensures clean, perfect lines for the neck, cheek, and jaw
  • Transparent material grants vision of your beards
  • Build-in comb keeps straggler hairs in place
  • Designed with a handle for a comfortable grip
  • Tapered edge for a close shave with clippers or a razor

  • Are you tired of spending valuable time trying to edge up the perfect beard? Frustrated creating uneven symmetry? Groom like a pro with Zeus Edge Up Beard Shaping Template Tool. This stencil gets you clean, perfect lines every time. This shaping guide features a handle for easy grip, a built-in comb, and a transparent body for unobstructed vision when lining up your beard. Edge Up assists in sculpting a large range of facial hair types. It's simple. It saves time. You'll wish you had it sooner.

    How to Use:
    1) Brush your hairs down with a brush or with the built-in comb. 2) Position the Edge Up tool where you wish to create your neck, cheek, or jaw line. 3) While holding the tool in place, use clippers or a razor over the tapered edge. 4) Repeat for the opposite side.
    (Use with Zeus Beard Apron to catch all fallen hairs for quick, easy clean up)

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