Ceylon Cinnamon
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Ceylon Cinnamon

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Also called ‘true cinnamon’, sweet cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka and prized for its balanced and versatile flavor. Delicate, warming, and slightly citrusy, it is wonderful in applications both sweet and savory. Use this for roasted meat and veggies, or in desserts. This is the cinnamon called for most frequently in Indian and Mexican recipes.

Contains: Ground cinnamon bark.

  • Botanical Name: Cinnamomum verum
  • Alternate Names: True cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon, canela
  • Origin: Galle, Sri Lanka
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet, balanced, citrusy, warming, slightly savory
  • Pairs Well With: Chocolate, beef, lentils
  • Try In: Curries, mole, Mexican hot chocolate

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