Costa Rican Turmeric Spice
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Costa Rican Turmeric Spice

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A relative of ginger, turmeric has been prized for thousands of years as both a pigment and a spice. Native to South and Southeast Asia, people have carried the cheerful and colorful rhizome with them to the Middle East, East Africa, Madagascar, Australia, Polynesia, and even further abroad in more recent times. An example is this vibrant and fresh turmeric directly sourced from our friends at Cinco Ramas in Costa Rica, where it is lovingly grown on a small farm using regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices. Zesty, bright, and oh-so-yellow, we love this in curries, baked goods, and smoothies!

Contains: Dried turmeric powder.

  • Botanical Name: Curcuma longa
  • Alternate Names: Haldi, ird
  • Origin: San Carlos, Costa Rica
  • Sourcing: Directly sourced from a small farm using regenerative farming practices
  • Tasting Notes: Fresh, peppery, earthy, bitter, floral, fruity, bright
  • Pairs Well With: Coconut milk, vegetables, smoothies

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