Zero Waste Dry Shampoo (Light Hair)
R Planet

Zero Waste Dry Shampoo (Light Hair)

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Skipping a wash or two? Revitalize your hair and add an effortless volume with our Dry Shampoo! Each Dry Shampoo is about 2 oz.

Organic Arrowroot Powder: volumizes hair.
Organic White Kaolin Clay: absorbs dirt and bacteria.
Use between washes.
Sprinkle onto scalp, brush through hair.

Handmade in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

"R Planet carries a range of earth-friendly home and lifestyle goods to encourage and incorporate sustainable living into others lives. Founders, Raina and Rhema Wong started R Planet when they were 18 years old in response to their environmental grief and to make sustainable living convenient and accessible. R Planet is focused on bringing attention to all of the amazing R words that can guide you through your journey of sustainable living-REDUSE, REUSE, RECYCLE! It is also a reflection of Raina and Rhema's family, whose names all begin with the letter R! - vegan - zero waste - all natural - women owned- small business"

R Planet

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