Houseplant Invigorator Vial
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Houseplant Invigorator Vial

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Houseplant Invigorator Vial

“Give your beloved house plants a super boost! Our product is comprised of beneficial fungi to improve your plants' ability to absorb nutrients while indoors, resulting in more growth, vigor and blooms. This simple to use product is 100% natural and organic.

There is no measuring, no mixing, and easy to follow instructions, so anyone can have a green thumb! (really!) You'll see stronger, healthier plants in as soon as 2-4 weeks!

100% Natural and Organic rejuvenation for all plants. Use entire contents for one 6"-12" pot or two 2"-4" pots.”

To Use:
Insert a pencil or chopstick into the soil and create a hole 2"-3" deep. Repeat on the opposite side of the pot.

Pour half of the contents of the tube into each hole and cover with soil. (for 2"-4" pots, use half a tube per pot). 

Water plant thoroughly and allow to drain. 

Document your amazing results!

Contents: 0.4oz 100% Organic Mycorrhizae,
4" long, 0.5" diameter glass tube with cork stopper

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