Pepper Stout Aftershave
Pepper Stout Aftershave
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Pepper Stout Aftershave

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Aftershave is the essential finisher in your shaving routine. It prevents bacteria from gaining a foothold on your freshly shaved face, closes up your pores, helps with cuts and nicks and provides essential moisture for healthy skin. Aftershave is the perfect follow up to a refreshing shave with TRADE Apothecary Shaving Cream.

The earthiness of black pepper complements the light citrus scent of bergamot creating a bold signature scent with a whisper of mystery in our Pepper Stout Collection.

"TRADE launched in November of 2013 as a holiday pop-up in a 240 square foot lobby of an empty office space in downtown Oklahoma City.
An experiment intended to last a few weeks stretched to several months, and TRADE became a permanent space in Oklahoma City’s historic Midtown District during the fall of 2014 across the street from the landmark McNellie's Pub...
With the new vision, deep love for this city and the people that make it up. TRADE has become a staple in it's a place as we continue to build deep relationships with people of all TRADE's in OKC and across the country that live a lifestyle of Rugged Sophistication."

Trade Supply Co

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