Rose Quartz Oil
Leather + Moss Mercantile

Rose Quartz Oil

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Leather + Moss Mercantile Rose Quartz All Over Body/Face Blend. Promote happiness, balance, release, and self love with this blend. Essential and coconut oils combined with tiny quartz crystals make for the perfect smelling self-care all over oil. 

Our Rose Quartz body and face oil 🤩 Now available in our Valentine’s Day self-care bundles!

Made from essential oils like Rose, grapefruit, and lavender.

Mixed with coconut and jojoba oil bases.

And blended with actual Quartz stones that add a radiating “lit from within” look!

About 10-15 tiny Quartz pieces in each bottle.

This oil can be used from head to toe and with all skin types. Will moisturize, hydrate, and add nutrients to the skin!


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