Sicilian Oregano Seasoning
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Sicilian Oregano Seasoning

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Herbaceous and floral, with a well rounded, mild flavor this oregano is grown with care on a small family farm in Sicily. We find this oregano to be sweeter and more mild than the Greek. Far more versatile than its ‘pizza herb’ moniker, we love this oregano in bread, roasted chicken and of course tomato sauce!

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Contains: Dried oregano leaves.

  • Botanical Name: Origanum hirtum heracleoticum
  • Alternate Names: Wild marjoram
  • Origin: Ferla, Sicily Italy
  • Sourcing: Directly sourced from a small family farm
  • Tasting Notes: Bright, earthy, herbal, floral
  • Pairs Well With: Sicilian Red Chile Flakes, fresh vegetables, bread
  • Try In: Focaccia, roasted chicken, salad dressing

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